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Franchise Projects -Country Development

Early-stage, mid-market, growth companies benefit from our experience with the leadership we provide in the growth process, our operational resources and disciplines to quality standards & delivery of brand promises. We look to partner and work for “coming-on-strong” brands and businesses in the Middle East, UAE, Asia (ASEAN) and Canada where concept founders, management or investment companies have the desire to enter new global markets. Our team is made up of exceptional business and cultural backgrounds including Asian, Arabic, American and Canadian talent; bringing together East and West in hospitality management and restaurant franchise companies. Our network of business, marketing and franchise professionals are reliable, experienced and best-in-class. We are the only company ...


Ken Gooz

Providing interim, executive and contract management to hospitality, chain restaurant and franchise companies. 
Key roles for businesses in transition, improvements, growth, acquisition or joint venture. 
Project manager, managing director, COO, brand director, QA Director, Revenue and Cost Management.

UAE. GCC. Arabia. Asia. ASEAN. Canada.

Restaurant franchise development. National growth program.